Snow Polo In St. Moritz, Switzerland

The DevOps Big Picture (CI + CD/CD ?)

Continuous Integration + Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment

While traditional shops with large architectures are mainly using CI/Continuous Delivery, most avant-garde companies are relying heavily on CI/Continuous Deployments, and some companies are using both. Atlassian is doing a great job explaining these concepts, and their picture is worth a thousand words that I am going to skip.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

How to build and manage your own Hybrid Cloud in 10 minutes or less!

1. Deploy Rancher, the ultimate Kubernetes management tool.

2. Provision a new Amazon EKS Cluster.

3. Import an existing IBM Kubernetes Cluster.

4. Monitor your Hybrid Cloud with New Relic.

5. Deploy an application to all clusters in your Hybrid Cloud.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud is another tech buzz word that is taking over the stratosphere, and of course it means different things to different people (think DevOps, Agile, etc.). I like RedHat’s basic definition of it being an IT architecture spread across a minimum of two environments. Your environments can be public, private, on-premises, or cloud-based.


Gabriel Boie

IT Consultant

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