Kubernetes Continuous Deployment with Skaffold

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The DevOps Big Picture (CI + CD/CD ?)

Continuous Integration + Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment

Figure 1 Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment


Simply put, Skaffold is a command line utility that facilitates Continuous Development (scaffold dev) for Kubernetes-native applications. Of course, you can simply use it to implement CI/Continuous Delivery pipelines as well (scaffold run).

Figure 2 Skaffold Workflow and Architecture (Skaffold)

Developer Setup

Local machine development is not dead, not even when it comes to Kubernetes. There are advantages to having a Kubernetes environment where you can develop and test your microservices without external dependencies and without spending money on local or cloud infrastructure.

Getting Started with Skaffold

Assumptions: You already have access to a Kuberntes cluster via kubectl. Either a local k8 cluster simply Docker-Desktopo, Minikube, or other k8s implement tations (Ubuntu, Rancher, etc.) or a remote cluster.

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